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Computer rescue by Slack Space

When my Wyse Law Firm, P.C.’s computer crashed and every trick I had learned to restart/reboot/repair my computer system had failed. Donald Warren, CEO of Slack Space came to my law firm’s rescue. Within the hour he had worked his technological wizardry and we were back in operation and able to meet our deadlines averting crisis.

In my law office, it’s important that my computers, telephone network, printers, and other equipment are functional at all times. I use technology to do my work every day, whether I am at the office, traveling, or in a courtroom. This is why it felt so stressful when my work was put on hold in the office with a computer malfunction.

I’m glad I know Donald Warren, CEO of Slack Space, a business dedicated to helping organizations keep their technology in working order and functioning to meet the needs of the company. Donald had my computer back up and running in only 40 minutes!

Afterward, Donald helped me upgrade equipment. With court ordered deadlines, I was nervous to get things done quickly, but Donald made it look easy and completed the upgrade in no time!

I’m glad to know Donald Warren, and I think you would be too! His business, Slack Space, is a one-stop solution for all of a company’s needs when it comes to anything technology related. Slack Space offers desktop support, server solutions, network security, and even data recovery solutions for when you think you’ve lost those important documents in a computer crash!

It doesn’t stop there, Donald has experience with point of sale systems, telephony systems, computer and printer repair, the list goes on! The best part of working with Donald and Slack Space is you can create a plan to fit your businesses needs.

If you need help with your businesses technology needs only some of the time, Slack Space can help with a la carte solutions. However, Slack Space can also help to develop a complete solution for your company! A complete solution would include everything your business needs to focus on your products and your customers, leaving all of the worry of your business technology’s functionality to Slack Space.

I also like the fact that Donald is easy to work with, and he’s a very likable guy! Give him a call at 573-355-5044, he’d love to talk to you about your business needs, and how he can help your business be its most successful with dependable technology services.

If you are too busy for a phone call, I get it, I oftentimes find myself too busy for a phone call too! Visit Slack Space’s website when you get a moment, see what they have to offer your business. I think you will come to find that they can offer you a lot when it comes to business tech.

You can find their website at, where they have a lot of information about what they do, an easy to fill out form in order to contact them, and even a blog where there are some helpful tips to keep your business technology running optimally at a low cost!

I’m glad I know Donald Warren, and you will be too!


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