Stephen Wyse started Wyse Law Firm in 2002 to further
his continued fight for the truth and justice of our clients.
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In 2002, native Missourian Stephen Wyse founded the
Wyse Law Firm, P.C. to further his fight for truth and justice. 

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When you work with Wyse, you will have confidence knowing that
we have extensive trial experience at both the state and federal level.
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From our office in Columbia, Missouri we serve clients throughout Missouri. To schedule a consultation with a Missouri DUI/DWI lawyer at our firm, call 573-449-7755.

Criminal Defense Attorney

Our firm has won jury verdicts of ‘Not-Guilty” in cases ranging from Felony Assault, Drug Crimes, Sexual Assaults and Driving While Intoxicated cases. Trial tested experience helps us know how the prosecution thinks and know how to win your case.

We fight for justice.

As a civil rights law firm we sue the government for violating the rights of our fellow citizens. In criminal defense we protect against over-zealous police and prosecution and know how to win at trial. As a family law firm we seek to help our clients see the “Big Picture” and realize that when kids are involved it is usually better to try and achieve an acceptable consensus agreement that prioritizes the best interest of the children. However, when an agreement is not possible then zealous advocacy is employed to protect the custody and property interests of our clients by enforceable court orders. In personal injury lawsuits, we achieve justice with monetary compensation for the injuries inflicted or pain and loss suffered due to another’s negligence. We still provide government relations/lobbying services for select clientele.

Having been a state and federal investigator, a unique skill set was developed that can help in our advocacy for our clients. As a Missouri Senate staffer, a valuable understanding of state government was also developed that will serve the interests of our clientele. Having won multiple civil rights jury trials and felony criminal trials across Missouri we know how to win and dramatically put the odds in favor of our client. Not every case is winnable, but in some of the most challenging cases we have won where the government was assured of their victory. Juries agreed with our clients’ cause and a measure of justice was achieved. When retained by a client we are available around the clock. Not every 2 A.M. phone call is answered right away but promptly thereafter (to include the next morning). When a client called at 4 A.M. Christmas morning, Stephen Wyse responded to the scene despite a Highway Patrol Officer’s initial effort to deny access to the calling client. Stephen Wyse’s timely intervention prevented an arrest of the client and the filing of any charges thereafter.

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Stephen Wyse started Wyse Law Firm in 2002 to further his continued fight for the truth and justice of our clients.

Contact us today to get started on fighting for yours.

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“Stephen is so much more to me than just ‘my attorney’. He will always have a very special place in my heart, and although I hope I won’t have to call on him for any more legal crises, I am honored that I can call him my friend.” – Cynthia F.

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