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CFJ: Police Protected Pimp – Ch. 13. “Trapped by Addiction”

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Barry Manthe’s numerous brothels were notorious for rampant drug use, but the infamous pimp didn’t just allow the narcotics use. According to the women who he employed as sex workers, Barry actively used their addictions against them as a means of control to hold dominion over them.

Police Protected Pimp utilizes interviews, police reports and other evidence to explore the relationship between the Columbia Missouri Police Department and Barry Manthe, a longtime sex trafficker who was granted virtual immunity in exchange for acting as a police informant.

Executive Producer: Matt Akins
Citizens For Justice:

Interview Subjects:
Brittany Crocker:
Melissa Baker
Paul Hoover
Iris Faheem
Kerry Pruett

Melody Green
Associate Producer:
Steve Easterling


Voice Over:

Tera Eckerle:


Full Cast and Supporting Documentation:
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Keri Lawson as Kerry Pruett

Jennifer Carney as Pregnant Working Girl

Dawn Williams as Andrea Klatt

Alexis Lyons as L.V.

Queenie as Working Girl #3

Steve Easterling as Barry Manthe

Celena Tyree as Working Girl #1


Additional Filming and Post Production
New Picture Studios:


Production Consideration:
Wyse Law Firm, P.C.:


Assistant Editor:
Gregory Meeks

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