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Citizens For Justice: Police Protected Pimp – Chapter 3. The Man Behind the Operation

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Shrouded by an unassuming look, Barry Manthe has the mind of a chess champion. Machiavellian in his willingness to throw associates to his law enforcement contacts, Barry surrounds himself with those deeply embedded in the criminal underworld. By collecting information on criminal activity and trading it as currency to police, the career pimp is seemingly granted a license to operate an illegal brothel.


Police Protected Pimp utilizes interviews, police reports and other evidence to explore the relationship between the Columbia Missouri Police Department and Barry Manthe, a longtime sex trafficker who was granted virtual immunity in exchange for acting as a police informant.

Manthe Crimestoppers 1999 promoting prostitution

Executive Producer: Matt Akins
Citizens For Justice:


Interview Subjects:
Iris Faheem
Brittany Crocker:
Paul Hoover

Rick Gurley

Associate Producer:
Steve Easterling


Voice Over:

Tera Eckerle:


Full Cast and Supporting Documentation:
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Tera Eckerle as Narrator

Steve Easterling as Barry Manthe

Sally Hunt as Brittany Crocker

Keri Lawson as Kerry Pruett

Additional Filming and Post Production
New Picture Studios:


Production Consideration:
Wyse Law Firm, P.C.:


Assistant Editor:
Gregory Meeks


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