We fight for justice.

Proven legal services and zealous advocacy for our clients is what you’ll find at the Wyse Law Firm, P.C. We have won jury verdicts in federal civil rights cases. We have won not-guilty verdicts for clients wrongly charged with driving a semi while intoxicated and for client’s wrongly charged with driving a passenger car while intoxicated. Winning DWI cases is challenging due to the public perceptions and faith in faulty equipment used by law enforcement. We have won not-guilty verdicts for wrongful accusations of sex crimes. Stephen Wyse’s experience as a former police investigator for state and the federal government provides a skill set not found at most law firms. Our clients have champions for their cause that understand how to obtain the truth to make the justice system work. Stephen Wyse was tasked by the Missouri Bar to Chair a Sub-Committee of the Criminal Law Committee on DNA Exonerations and hold hearings around the state and make recommendations on how our justice system should employ “best practices” to find the truth and prevent the innocent from being wrongfully convicted. Stephen Wyse regularly testifies before the Missouri General Assembly in support of criminal justice reforms. Fighting for justice is not for the timid and we fight for our clients.

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