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Criminal Defense Attorney Serving Columbia, Missouri

Have you been accused of a misdemeanor, felony, or infraction in Columbia, Missouri? You don’t have to go through this challenging time alone. Just because you’ve been charged does not mean you will automatically be convicted. Our knowledgeable criminal defense attorney at Wyse Law Firm offers trial-tested experience and is here to stand by your side and zealously fight for your freedom.

You Have Rights. Use Them.

The right to have an attorney defending your case is a fundamental American right protected by our Constitution. Our founding fathers understood from experience the arbitrary power of government to oppress us at the individual level and thus guaranteed American citizens the right to an attorney to resist that power. Any accusation, whether true or false, can leave lasting consequences on all areas of your life and, most importantly, your personal freedom.

Having chaired a Missouri Bar criminal law sub-committee on DNA exoneration of the wrongly convicted, Attorney Stephen Wyse has become a leading voice in exposing the flaws in our justice system and passionately advocates for the truth in court. If you’re in need of a criminal defense attorney who champions the best interests of their clients, contact us today to set up a free consultation.

Let Us Defend Your Freedom

Whether you’re innocent or guilty, you deserve a criminal defense attorney who prioritizes individual liberty. At Wyse Law Firm, we’ve worked with clients facing charges in many types of misdemeanors and felonies. We defend citizens of Columbia, Booneville, Fulton, and Moberly, Missouri in cases involving the following:

  • Drug possession

  • Narcotics sales

  • Theft & grand larceny

  • Battery

  • White-collar fraud

  • Embezzlement

  • Sexual assault & other sex crimes

  • Arson

  • Criminal conspiracy

  • Murder

Like many states, Missouri law exercises a statute of limitations, which set strict time limits for the prosecution to file charges in a civil or criminal case. More serious crimes generally have longer statutes of limitations, while some have none. If you’re facing a charge and these time limits are not adhered to, you have the opportunity to have your case dismissed. Reach out to us today in our Columbia, Missouri office to learn more.

All things considered, you need an attorney to protect your Constitutional rights. Even if you’re found guilty, we fight for a reasonable resolution that takes your circumstances into consideration and upholds your right to fair rehabilitation. When you work with us, you can trust that your perspective will be heard and that your rights will be advocated for.

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Experience & Diligence

Knowing how to protect your rights and invoke your right to an attorney who is willing and capable to champion your interests is the most crucial step a citizen can take when confronted by our criminal justice system. When you work with Wyse Law Firm, you will have confidence in knowing that we have extensive trial experience at both the state and federal levels. Our firm has achieved jury verdicts of “not guilty” in cases of DUI/DWI, felony assault or battery, drug charges, and sex offenses. Trial experience helps us know how the prosecution thinks; this expertise, combined with our commitment to detail, gives our clients an advantage and a greater chance of achieving their desired outcome.

As a former military police investigator, our Columbia, Missouri, attorney Stephen Wyse knows what resources the prosecutors have at their disposal, making rushed and haphazard investigations obvious to us. Charges often get filed without a full review of the evidence, but we take the diligent approach, catching necessary details that could otherwise go unnoticed and result in injustice. Our investigative services have revealed key evidence that has caused the prosecution to dismiss sentences as severe as life in prison. Dynamic experience fuels our focus and willingness to fight, making us the trustworthy defense team you want on your case.