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I Am Very Satisfied

Thank you. These are the only two words that came to mind as I started this letter. I would like to thank Stephen Wyse for representing me during a very stressful time in my life. I wanted to express how grateful I am to have had him in my corner all along. Stephen believed in me even when I may have doubted myself. It meant a lot to me to have had an attorney who I completely trusted in handling the most difficult event of my life. His professionalism and attention to detail made the process of my divorce go very smoothly.

I am extremely grateful for Stephen’s clear-headedness, and how quickly he was able to finish and close my case. There is no folder large enough to hold all of the moral and emotional support that he gave me throughout the process. What I greatly appreciated about working with Steve was his forthright manner, graciousness and generosity—all these traits combined to make a deep and lasting impression upon me, and, created a positive experience in what might have otherwise been a difficult and emotionally draining process. Steve Wyse is an extremely good lawyer and a very nice person, and it was indeed a pleasure working with him. He did a wonderful job representing me. His words of encouragement, words of expertise, words of caring, patience with my ability to pay, words of laughter, and words of advice when I needed help with my pastors helped me to get past a difficult and extremely sad stage of my life. Stephen Wyse is a true professional in every sense of the word.

I am very satisfied with the legal services provided by Wyse Law Firm (on a scale from 1 to 10—10 would describe my satisfaction). When my life became a living nightmare, I don’t know what I would have done without Steve to support all the uphill battles that needed to be fought on my behalf. When I look back and replay all that happened, I still wonder how I got through it all. I know that without Steve on my side, my incredibly unhappy marriage probably might have had a much different ending.

Stephen is so much more to me than just “my attorney.” He will always have a very special place in my heart, and although I hope I won’t have to call on you for any more legal crises, I am honored that I can call him my friend. If anyone needs your services give them my number I will gladly recommend you.” I definitely would recommend your law firm to anyone I know that needs legal help. Thank you for everything.

Cynthia F.

Fights so Hard

Stephen was my attorney on a DWI case that was dismissed. Avoiding a second DWI conviction allowed me to get my license back and avoid significant jail time. Stephen claims it wasn’t magic, but it felt like it to me ! I appreciate when my lawyer that fights so hard for me!

Amanda W.

He Had the Serious Charges Thrown-Out

I was in jail, facing Life in prison. When Stephen Wyse went to work on my case. As former cop he knew the investigation didn’t add up. His investigator found the key witness and he had the serious charges thrown-out. I ended up at home on probation with a four year sentence hanging over my head. Without Mr. Wyse’s investigation and proven record of success at trial. I could have ended up in prison for a long time. I am at home with my family because my lawyer fought for me!

Josh W.

Stephen Will Have Your Back

My first Lawyer didn’t seem to care. Then when my ex-husband filed to modify child custody, he thought he could push me around. After Stephen Wyse buried him in discovery and sanction motions he learned that was not going to happen ! When you need a fighter in your corner, Stephen will have your back !

Sara G.

Gave Me Back My Freedom

As a professional truck driver my DWI charge had the ability to end my career. Stephen Wyse convinced the jury of my innocence and their verdict of NOT-GUILTY gave me back my freedom and my ability to work as a trucker.

Gene B.

Got My Charges Reduced

Stephen Wyse fought for me on my DWI case and it was reduced to Careless and Imprudent Driving. I don’t have to deal the insurance and driving headaches of a DWI conviction. Stephen has been my lawyer for years and when I need someone in my corner to fight for me, he is my lawyer !

Kaylee S.